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Registration for SpinNet eADSL Service "Upgrade speed " and IP Phone Service "SpinPhone for eADSL" and "Wireless LAN Option".

Agreement to the terms and conditions in the Service Agreement below is necessary to register for "Upgrade speed".

Before registering for this service, please read the Service Agreement, and only proceed with the application if you agree to all of the terms and conditions contained within it.

If the distance betweek your home and NTT Central Office is longer than 2km, there isn't so much of a difference for the speed among ADSL Plus Plan(up tp 12M), ADSL Plus II Plan(up tp 24M) and ADSL 50M plan(up tp 50M)

For more details ; click here.
* You can check the distance between you home and NTT Central Office at eAccess's website.(Japanese only)

[Charge for upgrade speed]
eADSL Service change fee : 3,000 Yen(tax excl.)
Now Free (Speed Upgrade Only)
eADSL Service change fee and NTT installation fee will be required to change the speed.
For details; Click here.

"SpinNet Contract Agreement"
  (PDF version) 

Connect Login Name @
Connect Login Password
change to eADSL Plus II Plan(up tp 24Mbps)
change to eADSL 50M Plan(up tp 50Mbps)
Wireless LAN Option
(Option service)
Not Apply (or now currently using Wireless LAN Option)
Apply (Optional fee will be charged)

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