Change of Credit Card Information
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1. Please confirm the expiration date of your new credit card, and please use a credit card registered in your name.
2. We do not accept credit card modification request by phone or email.
3. Your new credit card information will be used on your next bill. Any unpaid charges will be charged to your new credit card.
4. After changing the credit card information, further changes of the credit card information may not be made again within 30 days.
5. After logging in, we provide a credit card information input form written in Japanese only. If you wish English support, please send a request form of personal information change by mail or fax.
6. The credit card information input form is available with ciphered communication protocol TLS 1.2 only. The input form may be unavailable with Safari(browser).
If the form is not available, please check and update your OS or browser to the latest version if it is necessary.
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SpinNet Customer Support Center
Working Hours : 10:00-17:00 Except New Year holidays
Phone : 0088-210-209 (Toll Free)
*Please contact the following number
when you cannot use the toll free number.
044-388-0607 (Toll)
Fax : 0088-250-106 (Toll Free)
093-681-9231 (Toll)
E-mail :

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