Cancellation of the User Home Page Service
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1. You need to enter the path name that you are now using.
2. Given path name and your user path name are parts of the URL of your website.
ex.)If your homepage file name is "index.html",
http://home.*** path name/your user path name/index.html
3. Upon receipt of the cancellation request, we will delete the Customer's homepage ID and the contents immediately. Please backup all your contents files before cancellation request.
4. After canceling the Service, the Customer may not subscribe again within 30 days.
Mail Address @
Mail Password
User Path Name http://home.*** /
User Path Name
(for confirmation)
http://home.*** /

SpinNet Customer Support Center
Working Hours : 10:00-17:00 Except New Year holidays
Phone : 0088-210-209 (Toll Free)
*Please contact the following number
when you cannot use the toll free number.
044-388-0607 (Toll)
Fax : 0088-250-106 (Toll Free)
093-681-9231 (Toll)
E-mail :

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