User Home Page Service Subscription
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1. User Home Page Service is an optional service for SpinNet customers.
The disk space provided to each customer is 50Mbytes. Use of a CGI program is NOT allowed.
2. You need to enter your user path name as you like. Your user path name will be a part of the URL of your website.
The URL of your website will look something like the following example.
ex.) If your homepage file name is [index.html], then the URL of your homepage would be:
http://given server name/given path name/your user path name/index.html
3. Please type 2 to 12 characters for user path name.
Your user path name will be case-sensitive.
Your user path name can not begin with a hyphen( - ) or under bar( _ ).
The following can be used for your user path name.
a. Upper case letters "A" to "Z"
b. Lower case letters "a" to "z"
c. Numbers "0" to "9"
d. Hyphen( - ) and under bar( _ )
4. If the user path name you entered is used by another customer, please enter a different user path name and submit again.
Mail Address @
Mail Password
User Path Name http://home.*** path/
User Path Name
(for confirmation)
http://home.*** path/

SpinNet Customer Support Center
Working Hours : 10:00-17:00 Except New Year holidays
Phone : 0088-210-209 (Toll Free)
*Please contact the following number
when you cannot use the toll free number.
044-388-0607 (Toll)
Fax : 0088-250-106 (Toll Free)
093-681-9231 (Toll)
E-mail :

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